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Pension Cold Calls

There has been some recent press and television coverage of companies phoning or contacting people in relation to their pensions, which has led to them being ripped off with extortionate costs and worse being invested into dodgy investments.

It is important to remember that if they are offering to review your pension plans without an upfront fee, please be on your guard.

As part of my service to you, I am constantly keeping an eye on your pensions that you have trusted to me to advise on, and ensuring that they are kept safe and invested as we agreed.

If we have not met to review your pension plans for a little while then please let me know when might be a good time to do so.

With this in mind you are on a page of my new website that is only visible to existing clients, and you can contact me through the contact us page tab at the top of the site, alternatively you can call me on 07876 782334 to chat directly with me.

Coronavirus 2020

At this time of uncertainty when your finances may come under some level of stress, it is important to have someone who you can contact to discuss your concerns about Covid-19.

First thing to do is recognise that there are packages of help being introduced by the Government which have been announced, so take notice of the news.

Secondly there is help out there from Debt Charities, and the likes of Citizens Advice. These are well worth contacting by phone to see what benefits you maybe entitled to.

Thirdly, if you own your own house, a call to a Independent Mortgage Broker such as Holly @ IMS in Bicester, or Doug Smith (07831 119924) also in Bicester, could be a good source of potential finance.

Finally if you are over the age of 55, and have pensions, then a call to myself (07876 782334) could help you identify ways of covering the next few months bills.

Obviously with the impending lock down, face to face meetings will be unlikely to happen, I am happy to chat via the phone and then conduct a Zoom or Skype type meeting.

These initial calls to me will be at my cost, and if we agree work needs to be done then an agreed fixed fee would be payable at some point.

Please do not sit on your hands or hide away, seek help at the earliest opportunity.