Our Approach

Personal, Professional, Financial planning and advice.

How we work

Kingfisher Financial works closely with all our clients, but the circumstances of each of them is different and therefore we have devised different ways of working with them. These are broadly split into three main categories. However, before anything is agreed, we need to have an initial meeting. A Fixed Fee for one of the three services is agreed at outset with all clients.

Exploratory meeting

It is essential to have an initial exploratory meeting and we make no charge for this.  We’ll strive to understand your requirements and discuss how we could meet them and discuss what sort of service proposition is ideal for you.  If we mutually agree that there is a good fit, we’ll put together a proposal for you, confirming the service we offer and the fee details.  This will be based on one of the three main service approaches listed below.


Working closely with you, my aim is to build a sound financial plan that helps you achieve your life’s goals. This will be done in six steps which include establishing your goals, evaluating your current position and then building, implementing and monitoring your plan with half yearly meetings.

This planning process ensures you have a clear understanding of where you are going and what you are trying to achieve. It enables you to get on and do the things you like doing, whilst leaving the financial complications to somebody else.


Many of my clients have a clear understanding of what they have or simply require me to look after their investments and financial contracts to ensure that they are getting the best value from these. We will normally meet once a year to discuss their circumstances and consider any changes to their asset allocation and contracts that they have.

By working with Kingfisher, they are confident that they are getting the best support for their range of Investment, Pension and Protection policies.


Most of my clients fit into the above two categories, but sometimes, they just want somebody to check what it is they have, to see whether it is fit for purpose or whether it needs to be changed to suit their circumstances. Kingfisher will discuss what the query is, negotiate a one-off fee and produce a document for them that clarifies the position.