Kingfisher Financial Management

Personal Financial Planning

Kingfisher Financial Management offers personal financial planning to individuals looking to manage their finances and allowing them to understand what are the best ways to plan for the future.

At Kingfisher, clients are encouraged to discuss any financial matters that are concerning them, so that solutions can be sought and plans can be put in place. This planning process has meant that most of my clients have been with me for many years, and they often introduce their friends and family to me. 

Kingfisher will help identify a plan of action using Cash Flow Forecasting tools, so as to develop short, medium and long term plans to help achieve your financial goals. As a client of Kingfisher this plan will be regularly reviewed and adapted as is needed to ensure you stay on track.

Kingfisher, also works on a Fixed Fee basis for its advice and guidance for all clients, something fairly unique in this industry.

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