About Simon Honey

The man from kingfisher

Holistic Financial Planning

Simon offers a holistic financial planning service, covering all areas of financial services, such as pensions, investments, and protection.

I have been an Independent Financial Adviser since 2004 and set up Kingfisher Financial Management nearly ten years ago, in 2007. Since I started Kingfisher, my aim has always been to provide a personal and tailored service to my clients, ensuring that they are comfortable with their plans and are able to ask any questions concerning their circumstances.

Experienced Financial Planner

I have worked in Financial Services for over 20 years, having worked with HSBC, Prudential and Barclays before becoming an Independent Financial Adviser. My experience at the Prudential was the most interesting. Their concept, the ‘Man from the Pru’ who offers quality service and support, rather than simply selling products, is something that has remained with me throughout my whole career as an adviser. 

When I am not running by own business and advising my clients, I spend a lot of time at Bicester Hockey Club, where I am active on the coaching side and offer help and support in their constant quest for new funds.

With the recent success of GB Hockey at the Rio Olympics, now is a great time to be involved in this sport. If you would like to learn more about what they do, just click here. 



“I believe passionately in providing good quality advice and maintaining long term client relationships.” 

Simon Honey